Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting

In 2005 hanging out with my good mate Brad Thorn (former player for Brisbane Broncos, Queensland  Maroons, Australian Kangaroos, New Zealand All Blacks) we were talking about how great it would be if I could exercise to get stronger and healthier.

Even though my hands were badly damaged by my skin Brad and I worked out that I could balance to do a few push ups and a few other body resistant exercises.

Then a few months past with no major complications and Brad suggested we try some game weight and exercises. Brad would assist me and be there in case something went wrong. As nervous as I was I trusted my friend would not allow anything to drop on me or hurt me so I said “let’s go for it”.

What transpired since then is nothing short of life changing.

I have never been able to play sport and now I discovered that my body not only lets me train and exercise in the gym but it lets me train at a level that few professional athletes can even keep up with. What we learnt is that all the mental keys and techniques I have used through my entire life to calm myself down and control every movement of my body and hype myself up to increase adrenalin and blood circulation all crossed over to the same techniques needed in the gym.

The rest, well it’s something I cannot even explain. What I have been able to achieve in the gym is nothing short of amazing.

In every presentation I break it all down to explain the psychology and techniques I have used in the gym to go from being the weakest and sickest person to now being world renowned as one of the strongest athletes the world has ever seen.

In all my years as a professional athlete and coach I have never seen results like what Dean has achieved. Truly amazing and inspiring stuff” Brad Thorn World Cup Winning All Black, Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Maroons”

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