Without even realising it throughout my entire life I have been an Ambassador and spokesperson for E,B which is my genetic skin condition. I have been a spokesperson and representative for DEBRA which is the not for profit charity that supports everyone living with e.b and supports research all over the world.

However since I became a Motivational Speaker in 2002 I have been honoured to official represent numerous brands and organisations.

For over 15yrs I was the Brand Ambassador for Toyota Australia.
I represented Toyota at numerous dealership events and managerial meetings all over Australia throughout my time with Toyota.

From 2003 through to 2013 I was the first offical Ambassador for Disability Employment in Australia. This is a role that I am extremely honour to have had and still am very passionate about raising the awareness for all disability related issues. Not just disability employment issues.

I continue to be an Ambassador for the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League football club of which I have been a huge fan and support of ever since I was a very little kid.

Again I am extremely honoured to represent all the businesses that I am currently involved in as well as being very honoured with theist relationships and businesses that have for however long or briefly come on board to support me in this amazing journey as a Motivational Speaker. I am always keen and interested to link in with businesses so if you want to support me or think there may be an opportunity for me personally to represent your brand or business then by all means contact me and lets discuss options.

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