Dead Man Working

Dead Man Working

Dead Man Working

Dead Man Working is the presentation that kick started my Speaking career.

Back in late 2002 when I sat down to write my first speech I came up with Dead Man Working.

Granted the title may confuse some but believe me it is the definition of inspiring.

It is my complete life story. Encompassing the incredible highs and the devastating lows I have had to overcome on this amazing journey through life and how I have overcome all the negatives of my life to turn them into strengths.

Dead Man Working is thought provoking, at time confronting but ultimately empowering and inspiring.

I have been lucky enough to share the powerful story that is Dead Man Working with thousands all over the world. From audiences of 5 to 3500 or more. From Private invitational only meetings with Prime Ministers to international sporting clubs and everyone in between.

If you are looking for a presentation that will leave a lasting impression, Dead Man Working is the presentation for you.

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