Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker

To me speaking is all about connecting with people. It does not matter if it is 5 or 3000 people.
My goal is always the same. To connect and inspire.

All my presentations are based around my life experiences. It is raw and real.

I do not have a flash song and dance routine.

As a motivational speaker I am not about smoke and mirrors. I am not the cliche speaker that is going to get everyone up on their feet walking over hot coals or broken glass. I’m not about the cliches of walking out of the room ready to turn your life upside down and start all over again.

In my opinion that’s completely fake and unrealistic. I do not want my audiences to walk out like they have just drunk a litre of coffee only to have it fade away in a day or so and be completely forgotten about.

What I am about is sharing my story. Sharing the highs and the lows and really moving my audiences to think about their life and what they would do in my situation.

I share the keys and tool I have used every single day.

I 100% believe there is something for everybody to take away with them that they can use in their life. Something that they can apply to get a little bit more out of their life.

Because it is in the small 1% changes that  the real lifelong positive impacts in our life occur.

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