As far back as I can remember I have been doing interviews and media appearances. Initially it was with my parents as a little kid to raise awareness for E.B

Then as I got older it was by myself, again to raise awareness and support for E.B. Then it slowly evolved into me sharing more about my life with the world.
I guess it is no surprise that my first real job was working in the media. In Kingaroy I started working behind the teens at radio station 1071am. It was an amazing time in my life. I started off just doing odd jobs or anything that anybody could use a little bit of help with.
I quickly moved through all the different departments to find my niche working behind the teens producing programs and panelling (pressing all the buttons) for all the different on air programs. I guess my attention to detail meant that I was a natural at panelling and producing shows. I ended up become an on air personality as well which was something that I loved to do. All that media work as a kid meant I had no hesitation jumping behind the mic and sharing my story and chatting about sports and other general interests.

Since the year 2000 I have had countless media requests on every platform you that think of. I have featured on national radio programs all over Australia including ABC’s Conversations with Richard Fidler. As well as radio programs in just about every city and town that I speak in.

I have featured stories in the Weekend Australian (The Australian Newspaper magazine lift out). As well as the Take 5 Magazine, probably the highlight for me growing up was featuring in The Rugby League Week magazine, because rugby league goes hand in hand with breathing for me. Everywhere I have travelled to speak I have had a great story written about me from The Hobart Mercury, The Adelaide Advertiser and even featured in the Blackpool Gazette on my first speaking tour in England. I have also featured in countless stories in my home state of Queensland in The Courier Mail and in my hometown’s The South Burnett Times just to name but a few.

TV: I have featured in 60 Minutes Australia, Channel 7’s National News, SBS’s The Feed, As well as featuring on Fox Sports League Life program
I have also featured in the ABC’s international award winning program You Can’t Ask.
International programs such as Body Bizarre.
These days I am very selective with what programs I work with as I am very aware how powerful my story is and also how easily the press and mainstream media can edit things to over exaggerate a story. I firmly believe my story is best told in my words. No exaggeration needed.

I have also had tremendous success online with feature documentaries generating huge hits and followings.
With over 2 million views my online documentary In The Open and 2 million plus views with the U.K Based Born Different documentary series means I still regularly receive emails or messages from people all over the world who have stumbled across my story and been inspired enough to reach out and communicate with me.

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