2018 Ambassador for Debra Australia
I am incredibly passionate about raising awareness and support for everyone living with Epidermolysis Bullosa.
As someone living with E.B I know first hand just how difficult life can be so hopefully I can use my voice and my story to hopefully make life as easy as possible for everyone dealing with what is t”The worst disease you have never heard of”

2018 Disability Employment Australia Hall of Fame Inductee.
I was incredibly shocked and excited to receive a phone call in 2018 to say that I had been selected as one of the 2018 Disability Employment Australia Hall of Fame inductees.
I was and still am thrilled with all the work I did throughout my 10yrs involvement in the Disability Employment sector. Travelling to Canberra to meet with all the Federal Politicians was a huge highlight for me. Travelling all over Australia to share my story and push for the rights for all disabled people to gain meaningful employment in the real world throughout those years was so much fun.

2005 to 2019 Sponsored by Toyota Australia.
In 2005 when Toyota Australia offered me the role of become a Brand Ambassador, well I was thrilled beyond words. Having Toyota Australia’s support for almost 15yrs meant the world to me and while it was incredibly disappointing and disheartening when Toyota chose to abruptly cancel their sponsorship and support of me I will forever be grateful for the amazing support Mr David Buttner and the crew at Toyota Australia gave me throughout that timeframe.

2005 Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Ambassador
The Brisbane Broncos and Rugby League in general has played a huge role in my life from childhood right though to today. When Wayne Bennett and the Broncos invited me to officially come on board as an Ambassador for the club, well that was like all my childhood dreams come true. Even though I am no longer involved on a week to week basis with the club I am still thrilled to be an Official Ambassador of the Brisbane Broncos football club.

2004 to 2013 Ambassador for Disability Employment Australia.
My first national conference was the 2004 Disability Employment Conference (known back then as the ACE National Network). The overwhelmingly positive feedback that was received after my presentation meant that the ACE National Network quickly came to me as asked if I would consider joining them as the 1st official ambassador.

2003 South Burnett Young Achiever Award
In 2003 I was incredibly honoured to receive the Young Achievers Award.

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