Author: Dean Clifford

Author: Dean Clifford

my crazy skin
April 19, 2020 Blog Dean Clifford

We all have problems that pop up from time to time.I don’t usually write or talk about current problems.I prefer to try and write to keep things positive. To hopefully inspire people.Or I write about a problem or issue after I’ve fixed it all.I also don’t like to write about health issues because I don’t

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The end of 2019
January 1, 2020 Blog Dean Clifford

Well I can’t believe 2020 has already started. 2019 was a mixture of really good times and really bad times. It started out with the disappointment of Toyota cancelling the long term sponsorship of me. After almost 15yrs with Toyota I still believe that the Toyota Management handled it very badly and extremely unprofessionally. But

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Official Debra Ambassador
October 7, 2019 Blog Dean Clifford

I am really excited to share the news with you that I have officially been appointed as an Ambassador for Debra Australia. Debra Australia is the not for profit national body that supports everyone living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (My genetic skin condition.)E.B is “The Worst Disease you have never heard of”I have lived with E.B

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May Update.
May 3, 2019 Blog Dean Clifford

I can not believe we are already in May.Where has the months gone.Over the past few months I have just been focussing on my main passions in life which is speaking and working on my story and lifting weights in the gym.It’s been good to just get back to the fun things in life that

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Toyota Cancels its Sponsorship.
January 17, 2019 Blog Dean Clifford

Hi guys, I am devastated to inform you all that earlier in the week Toyota Australia informed me that they are ending our long standing partnership and sponsorship arrangement. This news has come as a huge shock to me and I am absolutely devastated that our almost 15yr association is coming to such a sudden

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My Birthday.
December 2, 2018 Blog Dean Clifford

Today is always an interesting day. It’s a day for me to reflect on my life. The good times. The bad times. And everything in between. You see today is my 39th Birthday. It’s something that I don’t think about all that often. I’m always thinking of the next thing I want to achieve or

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The Definition of Irony
October 6, 2018 Blog Dean Clifford

How do I define irony. It’s funny. I’ve been associated with the Brisbane Broncos since the very beginning. Some people only know me as the Broncos mascot or good luck charm. As a 9yr old I was critically ill. The Broncos heard about me. Heard about my love for the team and my passion for

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Queens Baton Relay
March 25, 2018 Blog Dean Clifford

Hi Guys, This Friday (Easter Good Friday 30th March) I will be walking with the Commonwealth Games Queens Baton in the Queens Baton Relay. My leg of the Relay is scheduled to start at  17.06 ( just after 5pm). The exact address is 308 Oxley red, Graceville to 342 Oxley Road, Sherwood. I have driven

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Barcroft TV: Born Different Story.
March 20, 2018 Blog Dean Clifford

Hi guys, A few month ago the team from Barcroft TV contacted me as they were really keen to do a feature story about me and my life and in particular my weight lifting. Lat last week the guys contacted me to say the story was about to be uploaded. I am thrilled to be

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a sad day.
December 19, 2017 Blog Dean Clifford

So last week the E.B (my genetic skin condition) community got some sad news. Unfortunately another all to young person past away from E.B. Eliza was just 17. I always try to look on the positive and live my life to the fullest. As you all know by following me I share little bits about

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