my crazy skin

my crazy skin
April 19, 2020 No Comments Blog Dean Clifford

We all have problems that pop up from time to time.
I don’t usually write or talk about current problems.
I prefer to try and write to keep things positive. To hopefully inspire people.
Or I write about a problem or issue after I’ve fixed it all.
I also don’t like to write about health issues because I don’t like people worrying about me or offering unsolicited advice. or treatment. 

But over the past few weeks most people may have noticed I’ve been very quiet online. 

My skin confuses and amazes even the most specialist of medical experts. I’m pretty use to it but it still surprises me how I live my life and how my skin operates almost with a mind of its own. Defying what I should be able to do, improving when it should be declining and also failing me for no reason when it should be at it’s best.

Over the last few weeks my skin has really started to deteriorate for no reason (that we have uncovered yet anyway)
I had a little infection pop up on my left shoulder a few weeks ago that progressively got worst. My doctor suggest the hard outer shell had to come off. I had been working on it for weeks but it was almost like stone. None of my scalpels or needles would cut into it (It didn’t matter how hard I tried to cut into it I could not get it.) So my doctor suggested his staff give it a go.
The operation / procedure took close to 45mins. It’s not the first time a procedure like that has had to happen suddenly without pain killers or anaesthetics.

As long as I can remember I’ve always been able to handle pain like that. The nurse was cutting into my shoulder to removed about a 1 to 2cm (at this stage hard unidentified) substance from my shoulder. It almost felt like bone so I’m told. Or some really hard fibres tissue.

But while I was dealing with this little problem on my right should for no reason at all all the skin on my left forearm started breaking out in a rash, which has now progressed all over my face.

My skin is definitely doing some bizarre things. Hopefully it’s just a minor secondary infection caused by the original problem on my right shoulder. But it’s got everyone stumped at the moment. Why a small problem on my right shoulder would be causing the skin on my left forearm and face to be blistering and rashing like it has been for a few weeks now. The constant pain from my skin blistering and rashing all over my face and forearm is definitely worse the the sudden need to operate without pain killers.

I’m confident it will settle down. but it is a little alarming at the moment. My skin is definitely throwing up a lot more curve balls over the recent years. In the past my skin and my body definitely worked to a pattern. You could ride the wave and feel when things were about go decline or go bad and you could definitely tell when things are improving and coming good. I could go years on a good run. Then 12 to 18months when my health would not be great. Then again you could feel it come good and be able to ride the good wave for a few years before the decline would come back again. But my health and skin has a mind of it’s own as the real unique challenging obstacles are becoming more and more frequent.

I’ll work my way though this. I’ll work out a solution in my own unique, possible crazy and definitely ill advised way. But I’m still confident I’ll find a way though this rather challenging time at the moment.

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