Toyota Cancels its Sponsorship.

Toyota Cancels its Sponsorship.
January 17, 2019 1 Comment Blog Dean Clifford

Hi guys,

I am devastated to inform you all that earlier in the week Toyota Australia informed me that they are ending our long standing partnership and sponsorship arrangement.

This news has come as a huge shock to me and I am absolutely devastated that our almost 15yr association is coming to such a sudden end.
I have always strived to do everything possible to put Toyota (and all the companies I represent) in the best possible light. The negative feedback and reasons of which Toyota gave to terminate our association will remain private and confidential. However all I will say is I am deeply upset at the views that were expressed.

The past few years have been extremely testing and challenging for me on a personally and professional level. I have kept a lot of things very hidden and private as I have always been focussed on the bigger picture and the dream I have had to be a Motivational Speaker.
But I guess all that has taken a significant tole on me both physically and mentally.

The dynamics of the speaking industry has changed somewhat recently to now be rather fake and gimmicky almost. With the business world focusing more on short term celebrity fame and endorsements rather than meaningful long term impacts and targets.
I have always lived by the motto to “Never Admit Defeat” and to continue to “Raise the Bar” to achieve real impact in this world. And while I still believe completely in all that I speak about.
I guess I am going to need to take some time to re access and maybe restructure things now.

I want to take a moment to thank Toyota for the past 15yrs. Having Toyota Australia on board to support me meant the absolute world to me. While the majority of the original staff at Toyota who were with me when this all began may no longer be involved in Toyota I still believe it is important to thank them for the belief and passion they showed to my dream and vision. It is very sad that Toyota Australia will no longer be on this journey with me.

I am going to take a step back away from all social media and online content for a little while now. I need a bit of time to think about things and the direction I am going to take in the future.

Once again thanks to everyone who has always supported me and to everyone who continue to look for opportunities for me.

I hope this is just a minor setback but for now it is all still a huge shock and something that I am trying to sort out and understand.


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    Danica Weeks

    Oh Dean said to hear this as you have been so loyal to them and yet again you are so gracious and will continue in inspire people, with or without Toyota.

    Personally I have found you and your motto has helped me through many hard times and continues to do so.

    I also have a skin disease eczema, not as severe as EB obviously, but that poses many challenges in daily life. So please keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you back here after your break.



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