My Birthday.

My Birthday.
December 2, 2018 No Comments Blog Dean Clifford

Today is always an interesting day.
It’s a day for me to reflect on my life. The good times. The bad times. And everything in between.
You see today is my 39th Birthday.

It’s something that I don’t think about all that often. I’m always thinking of the next thing I want to achieve or the next milestone. Rarely do I really stop to look back at my life and how far I have come.

Throughout my life, I have face more serious life and death situations than I can think of.
There’s been countless operations and times when my life has been something of a horror movie. There’s been countless times of total despair with no sign that things were going to change.
But because of the family support and the sheer stubborn nature of mine and force of will I have turned all the despair and no hope into a single minded concentrated power of will to survive and achieve the impossible. To thrive under insurmountable adversity.

I don’t like to look back on my past. To remember all the operations and all the times mentally and physically I was broken and beaten down.
But there is strength and power in remembering everything that I have been through. So even though I do not like to look back and think to much about my past on my birthdays it’s something that just feels appropriate.

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