#StillAlive Jersey

#StillAlive Jersey
May 7, 2017 No Comments Blog Dean Clifford


In 2016 I walked into the Brisbane Broncos Dressing Room as I usually do after games.
The Broncos won and were having an old boys reunion with a number of retired players.
It is always great to catch up with some of the old players who made the Broncos such a great club back in the ’90’s and early 2000’s.
I really miss those old days when everyone was good mates with each other and we all hung out together outside of footy. I’m not saying it is not like that these days but to me (and a number of other people) it is very different to the good old days of the past.

So I walked into the dressing room and ran into my old mate Wendell Sailor who I have not seen for maybe 10yrs.
Wendell was blown away to see me and asked how I was going and what I was up to. It was great to catch up with him and have a chat.
As Wendell was leaving I got a photo and Wendell said it was great to see me still……. Still going good.
Sam Thaiday one of the current Broncos great players was sitting beside us and cracked up laughing saying to Wendell, “You were going to say Still Alive!”
Well I think that’s the 1st time ever Wendell has been completely speechless as he tried to back track and explain what he was going to say. We were all laughing and joking and Wendell kept apologising and explaining what he meant.

It was hilarious.

Wendell Sailor and I

The next day I was telling my family and Mum and Dad said when I was younger every time I had a medical appointment with doctors or specialists I had not seen for a few years or any length of time they were always blown away that I was still alive and still going as well as possible.

I guess defying the odds and doing the impossible to stay alive has  been something that I have done basically my entire life.

Since then just about every time Sammy Thaiday and I catch up that’s one of the 1st things he says to me. “Hey Deano, Still Alive mate!?”
Sam said I should make a t shirt or something with that as a my slogan cos it is so funny and so true to my life and everything that I have over come to still be alive today and in the best shape of my life.

So I came up with the #STILLALIVE catch cry. Then I spoke to a good mate of mine who designs sports jerseys and he suggested the idea to make a #STILLALIVE Jersey and incorporate other key quotes of mine that I use in all my motivational speeches.
The end result is this great Jersey that I I designed with the help of a few friends.
On the front I have written across the gold line all my 5 keys to live Attitude, Zero Negativity, Dreams, Beliefs , People
On the back is Never Admit Defeat which is the life motto I live by.

This is the 1st time I have ever produced anything to sell on my website and at my speaking engagements. I’m really excited to see if it is going to be as popular as I hope it will be.
100% of the profits will go towards assisting me to support my quality of life and all my goals and dreams that I have to be completely independent and self sufficient.

Each Jersey will cost $85 delivered or $75 at any event where I am speaking.

At this stage PayPal will be the best option to place an order.
Just message me if you are interested in buying one with your size and PayPal email address and I will send the PayPal payment request.

Chest 102cm 106cm 110cm 114cm 118cm 122cm
Length 70cm 71cm 73cm 76cm 78cm 79cm
Neck Width 20cm 20cm 20cm 20.5cm 20.5cm


At the moment I have only produced these 6 sizes but if they are popular and people want youth sizes or any other sizes for that matter I will definitely try to get them made on the next run. I hope there is a 2nd and 3 reprint anyway.

Dean Clifford Jersey  DeanClifford Jersey back

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