Frustrating week

Frustrating week
September 7, 2016 No Comments Blog Dean Clifford

So for the past 2 months or so I had been working on 2 presentations. The 1st of which should have been today.

However unfortunately the company had to cancel.

Cancelations happen from time to time for any number of reasons, Which is understandable.

It’s disappointing because I put a lot of effort into researching the area and understanding the booking so I can cater my presentations for maximum impact. Hopefully the company will be able to sort things out from there end and fingers crossed next year they follow through with the booking.

Perhaps in future I will request a part payment before I go ahead with all my research. Who knows but either way it is always disappointing when something that you work really hard on does not come to fruition.
The important thing as always is to keep moving forward.

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