Over the years I have been very lucky to be invited to be an Official Ambassador for two very different organizations but both of which I am very passionate about.

The first such organization that invited me to be apart of their team was ACE National Network.


ACE is the peak body for Australia’s Disability Employment Services within Australia. What that means is simple.  ACE works to help break down the barriers that stop disabled people from entering the workforce.
Whether it’s lobbying Governments for greater access and opportunities for disabled people. Or maybe it’s about assisting the specialized employment agencies around Australia to help break down the stereotypes that some businesses still have towards employing disabled people. Whatever is needed to help raise the profile and fight for greater rights in the open employment workforce ACE does and that is something that I am very passionate about.

So when ACE approached me I jumped at the opportunity.


In 2005 I was officially inducted as the Brisbane Broncos Ambassador. However my links to the Broncos go way back to 1989.

It is an honour to be the club’s only Ambassador and a privilege to be closely linked with the Brisbane Broncos for so long now.

All through my childhood the Broncos were a very big influence in my life.

Although my involvement with the Broncos has drastically changed over the years as both players and club management have changed the Broncos still hold soft spot for me. I am very happy that the door is always open down at the club for me.

I’m proud that my links to the broncos still exists as the clubs only Official Ambassador.