About Dean

Dean is very passionate about motivating others using his successful struggle for life to empower audiences. He challenges them to dare to dream and believe in themselves with his own life experience as the motivational tool. Dean created his company DMC Motivational over 10 years ago; Since then he has travelled the world speaking with groups and organisations as diverse as Primary School Children to Prime Ministers.

What is so amazing about Dean Clifford you may say?
Simple he is a survivor! Dean was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa which is commonly referred to by the media as Cotton Wool Kid, he was not expected to live past early childhood (5 years) let alone survive and contribute so immensely in the world to date by sharing his story and encouraging as many people as possible to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams.

Dean’s life is one of extreme pain and hardship, yet he has never wavered from his own dreams to be a productive member of the community working and contributing.
When Dean is not away speaking he is The Business and Marketing Officer for Ken Mills Toyota, Nambour and Kingaroy, working out of his home office due to his disability. “Dean Clifford is the most amazing person I believe I will ever meet.”

Dean’s story is powerful, moving and empowering, an audience is taken on the emotional roller coaster –that is Dean’s life! Dean sharing his story- is life changing and makes one look seriously at life and what we all take for granted. Dean has something unique and special to offer to everyone, from all walks of life and every age group, corporation, or business simply by sharing his story!

Dean motivates, encourages and empowers all who come in contact with him, His Motivational presentations inspire everyone to follow their dreams and believe in themselves the way Dean has throughout his life. You most definitely come away inspired, realising what the power of One can actually achieve.

In 2004 Dean became the first National Ambassador of ACE (Australia’s Disability Employment Services Peak Body). This is a voluntary role helping promote employment awareness to businesses and communities throughout Australia for people with disabilities.

Dean is also the only official Ambassador of the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Football Club.

Dean is an advocate for DEBRA as mentioned in the opening. This is a voluntary organization to raise awareness for those and their families afflicted with Epidermolysis Bullosa (Cotton Wool Kids). This is a tragic and debilitation disease with no cure, usually containing an early death sentence. Dean has baffled medical science with his sheer will and determination to survive and fight for life. It has been said that few would be able to deal with the intense level of pain that those with Epidermolysis Bullosa have to deal with every single day of their life.

On top of all that Dean is an integral team member for Ken Mills Toyota – Kingaroy and Nambour Dealerships.

And that is just the start of Dean’s incredible life story, If you’re looking for a unique speaker, someone who can have a memorable impact upon your audience, someone to stir emotions and touch the heart of everyone, someone thought provoking, humorous and passionate, then you’re looking for Dean Clifford.

Written by
Corinne Young
Business Adviser.